Thursday, September 29, 2011

Guess who has a new room?

The boys have started sharing a room and they are over the moon about their hip, “almost like a teenager'” skater boy bedroom.

So far they have been great roommates.  And there has even been a few mornings where Christian has managed to sneak out of the room for school without waking Beckett. 


(notice the empty Target picture frames?  I promise to have those filled before Christmas)


And don’t be fooled by these pictures…. this room only looked this clean for about 30 seconds.  Seriously.


Anonymous Farmor said...

Perfect room for nice boys!

1:58 AM  
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Anonymous Novelty Pens said...

Very nice design! What a great bed! A couple of sheets and it makes the perfect club house! They'll have lots of fun.

3:15 AM  
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Blogger keepingpure said...

Awwww... That is super cute! You've got some real creativity going in there! I love the colors.


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9:51 AM  
Blogger codstyle said...

I like these pictures, its pretty easy to relate to that. Im the one who cleans his room and ill be lucky to keep it neat for a whole day . Just so much easier when everything is spread out

7:43 AM  
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